Japanese Language Educational Posters

When learning Japanese language you will be following multiple ways - attending classes, self-learning thru books or websites and following certain syllabus like JLPT or School grade kanji etc...

In this web site, I woud like to introduce Japanese language learning thru posters. The posters are a combination of JLPT syllabus, School grade Kanji, General Japanese language introduction for day-to-day conversation.

The posters are continously updated in this website. So come back and check out for new posters.

Right now, You can download high resolution educational posters of Hiragana and Katakana.

For Kanji, There are several posters available for JLPT N5 and N4.

Stick these posters in your cubile or wall or doors - wherever you work or study or lie down - have a poster or two around. Looks at them and learn casually. This helps in slowly absorbing the language.

You can download All the posters from this website for FREE if it is for educational purposes. For other reasons, please mail me.

Please avoid resale or redistribution.

Please contact If you are looking for posters in any other format or sizes.

Contact us: hello@hokuseijapan.com